The Year of the Pig

Happy new year! I’m happy to be back again on a more consistent grind with the posts and updates. December was a conflux of busy work and major time investments that kept me away from my computer most of the time. Due to that, I wasn’t as active as I had liked to be, but, that’s beside the point. Right now, it’s all about the new year.

The start of a new year can mean a lot of things for different people. A new beginning, rebirth, changes. The popular and ironically overused phrase, “New year, new me”, pretty much sums it up. As lousy as it sounds, the new year for me is the time where I like to focus up and take some time to meditate on what my goals are and what my plans to get there will be. So far, this is my list for 2019:

  • Finish spring and fall semester with B’s or higher
  • Get another car
  • Eat less foods that aren’t healthy
  • Strengthen my relationship with family and friends
  • Meet new people
  • Talk more
  • Write more
  • Be more creative
  • Read at least two books per month

I think each of these goals are attainable, they’re nothing too crazy and I should have probably already been working on some of these things since way back, but there’s no better moment than now to start. Last year was probably not the best year for me, but I believe that I can make 2019 my comeback year. What are your resolutions if you have any? What are you going to do different this year?


This post was supposed to go live very early in the year, but I never got around to completely reviewing it and posting it. I’ll be attempting to be more active with my pieces as I said above. Anyways, thank you guys and happy new year! Even though it’s super late.

-Jonathan :)

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