My trip to Seattle was one of a kind and totally worth missing a math test and a quiz in biology.

I was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. Since I was going solo there wasn’t much for me to do other than buy my flight and book an Airbnb. The Thursday that I had to leave came around and I had nothing packed, which isn’t a big deal but I think it’s funny. I knew that it was going to be cold so I packed the classic hoodie and denim jacket plus some other essentials.  Anyways, I got dropped off at the airport and to Seattle I went.

The flight wasn’t long and free wifi on the plane made it enjoyable. To my surprise the seat I chose was next to someone that had lived in Seattle before so she was able to tell me about the city a little bit. Like taking a trip to one of the islands is a must and that the public transportation is fast and clean.  Also, before we landed she let me see the Space Needle from her window which was really nice and unexpected.

Fast forward to when I arrive at the house I’m staying at and it’s in a small neighborhood with lots of new townhomes. I’m greeted at the door by Allyn, the husband of my host Yuning. He had a fat smile on his face as he greeted me and showed me around the small home. It’s a mid-century style home so there is lots of Scandinavian and Swedish style decor, it’s beautiful. I also got to meet their cats Tofu and PiPi.  He showed me to my room and I took a fat nap before I decided to go out and get some dinner.

I didn’t know where to go eat but I found a taco truck nearby and that’s where I went. The tacos I ordered hit the spot since I had only eaten breakfast so far. While I was eating an older gentleman sat nearby and I decided to strike a conversation and ask him if he was a regular to the taco spot. He said yes and why but what I remember the most was that he got me thinking about what I wanted to do career wise because I’m still not fully sure what I want to do. We discussed some current events and what AI is gearing towards in the future plus he got to know some of my history. It was a good discussion to have over dinner.

I went back home and Allyn was playing the new God of War on PS4 and he asked if I wanted to try. It was a sweet gesture but I declined and decided to just watch, knowing damn well that I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to be a bother. Yuning got home, she says to call her Uni so we’ll keep it at that and we greet each other. She’s very nice and asks if I want a glass of wine. At this point I’m kinda laughing and smiling but if she’s offering why would I say no. Uni even asks me what kind I want, I tell her that I have no clue what the different wine varieties are but I tell that I’ve had red wine and a little bit of rosé before so she picks for me. Let me just say that the wine was delicious and nothing like I’ve had before. I don’t think that they knew I wasn’t over 21 so I tell them and we laugh and Uni says, “Don’t write this in the review”. After wine, she asks what I would like for breakfast. I totally was not expecting to get breakfast at all, I don’t think Airbnb hosts have to do anything like that, but Uni and Allyn were the nicest people ever.

The next morning I got to sleep in a little but when I woke up and went downstairs Uni and Allyn were already cooking breakfast. I got to eat some delicious french toast with bacon that they prepared for me before they had to leave for work. Let me talk about Allyn and Uni for a little bit because I want to highlight how awesome they are. They are both from China and have went to university here in the states. Uni went to art school in New York and lived in France for a summer in order to learn how to make French pastries. In addition to her own language, she can speak French and Japanese.  I don’t really know what she does for work, but she is involved in photography and fashion. Allyn works for Amazon as a Software Developer which is probably what my career choice will be so we were kinda alike in that sense. He even said I could move to Seattle later if I liked it and work for Amazon. Yuning and Allyn are great and made me feel at home. After I got done with breakfast, they had already left so I washed my dishes and got ready to leave. I took an uber to downtown and walked to Pikes Place Market.

The market at Pikes Place was pretty crowded, it was a Friday and everyone there was busy working, shopping, or walking around. I walked through the market and saw beautiful, delicate displays of flowers and bouquets for sale which reminded me of the flowers I used to buy a long time ago. There was fish being thrown around since Pikes Place is primarily a fish market.  The samples of fresh fruit and warm food given out were delightful and nothing like I had experienced back home. I remembered that there was a bakery in the Market that an uber driver had said I needed to try. The place was called Piroshky Piroshky, a Russian bakery. I didn’t know what to expect when my turn to order came around so I asked the cashier to give me their three most popular pastries. I took my dessert and decided to explore a little more so I walked over to S.A.M.; the Seattle Art Museum.

I’d been to the Phoenix Art Museum and a smaller museum in Scottsdale before, but neither of those two places can compare to S.A.M. Walking in your greeted by an enormous, dissected, floating tree that sets the bar for the kind of pieces you will see at the museum. There was a large variety of collections in the museum. Ranging from contemporary, to photography, European art, and also older Japanese and Chinese pieces with the highlighted collection being, “Peacock in the Desert, The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India”. The Indian collection was different from anything I’d seen before. It gave me a small peak into Indian culture and the types of ceremonies and visuals they create. Walking around the museum and seeing the different types of art was super enjoyable, 10/10 I would go again. Also, I got a dope ass Japanese cup from Masahiro Mori in the gift shop. I’ll have pictures of some art and the cup in the Gallery section!

By this point it was already kinda late in the afternoon so I decided to make a quick stop at Target for some snacks and go back home for a bit since I was still a little tired. I went back home, worked on a couple of assignments that I needed done and relaxed mostly. I got hungry and decided to take a quick little trip to the Chinatown District of Seattle. There were lots of Boba spots, many Chinese food joints, and in the middle of the neighborhood there was a giant Asian supermarket. You know I had to stop there, at least to check the place out. I actually found a really good cheesecake desert cake thing that I wish I had bought more of along with a wheat cake filled with sweet red bean paste. Once I left the market I got hungry and after checking my phone I saw there was a ramen spot nearby so I headed there for dinner. The place was called Samurai Noodle, a 10/10 low-key ramen joint. It’s a small spot so I was kinda questioning my dinner choice, but once they gave me my fat bowl of spicy miso ramen, my doubts disappeared. I had my dinner and took an uber back home. I immediately crashed as soon as I hit my bed.

Saturday morning when I woke up, I checked my phone and saw that Uni had left me a message saying she had left early for work but that Allyn would make me breakfast before he left. I went downstairs to get some water and do some more work, but Allyn wasn’t down yet. He came down a couple minutes later surprised that I was already awake. He apologized, but I said no worries and he made breakfast for the both of us. Allyn wasn’t too sure what to make so he said he was going to prepare some Mei Fun noodles for the both of us which is kinda like Pho according to him. The noodles were so fucking good. They didn’t have that strong basil taste like Pho does and they were topped with a very fried over-hard egg. Allyn makes some poppin’ noodles. He offered to give me a ride to Pioneer Square since he was going to see Uni at work. Also, Pioneer Square is Seattle’s first neighborhood; I didn’t even know. I also got to meet Uni’s cousin who’s my age Seanyuu, but he said to call him him Sean.

Allyn drove us to Uni’s work and it was a small pop-up shop with different clothing brands and vendors. It was a cute spot, I almost bought a vintage Marlins jersey but I didn’t think I could pull off the fit. I walked around the pop-up for a bit, said goodbye to Uni and Allyn and decided to walk around Pioneer Square for a bit. I didn’t see much, it was kinda dead since it was pretty early. There was a thrift shop open however and I got to cop a knit sweater with a black, green, and blue geometric design. I walked around some more and I found the store of local Seattle artist, Ten Hundred; Peter Robinson. He has some very neat and creative stuff, if you want to go to his website, here it is feel free check out his site, he is doing great things for the Seattle art scene. I checked out his shop, bought a shirt and a poster for one of my homies back home and said goodbye to Peter.

After that, I went straight to the Space Needle. I thought about going up, but decided not to after seeing the ridiculously long line to get tickets. Instead I walked around for a little bit and of course took a picture of the world famous Space Needle. I didn’t really have a plan for my second day in the city so I did tons of walking. I walked back to Pikes Market got some coffee and went back up Pike street. I stopped at the Westlake Center and Pacific Place, two really nice malls. Westlake is more like Chandler Mall and Pacific Place is more like Scottsdale Mall back in AZ. I wasn’t really looking for anything, but I always like to stop and shop for a little bit when I visit new places. I didn’t end up buying anything other than a pair of Champion sweatpants since I didn’t bring any. I walked down east on Pike street some more until I hit Capitol Hill which is kinda like the nicer area of Seattle. There were lots of boutiques and places to eat. I stopped at a book store there to check it out and it made me think about the book stores back in AZ. I personally felt like in Seattle there were more events and activities curated towards reading, everything was much more involved. I picked up a chai tea at their little cafe and did a bit more of exploring. After I felt like I had done and seen enough, I headed back home to rest.

Uni, Allyn, and Sean had gotten home for the day a little after I got there. It was late so Allyn prepared dinner for Uni and Sean and they asked if I wanted to eat. I’m not one to turn down a meal so I obliged and sat down at their table. While Allyn prepared dinner, Uni and I got to know each other more. She told me more about where she’s from and even what anime she likes; her favorite is Full Metal Alchemist. I got to tell her about myself and what I like as well, it was a conversation that made me feel at home. Dinner was extremely pleasant and the friendship made was even better. They headed off to bed, but before that they let me know that they had bought me a maple butter bun at the grocery store for me to eat before my flight. Again they had provided me with food, they’re awesome.

I had to wake up super early the following morning in order to make my morning flight. I was sad to leave, but I had a blast during my small trip. Before I left, I wrote a not for Allyn and Uni to read after I had left. It wasn’t anything special, but only a small thank you for their kindness, friendship, and hospitality. After that, everything was kind of a blur. I got to the airport, had some terrible coffee and flew back to AZ.

WOW, this was super long, so thanks if you actually read this whole thing! This post was kind of long mainly because I had to specify the details of my trip, but other posts won’t be this ridiculously long I promise. If you read this whole thing ILY THANK YOU!




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