October 46th

It’s been a minute since I last put something up. I find it tough sometimes to share so that’s my fault. Sometimes, I don’t know what voice to use when I write which is a part of the troubles I have. For example, do I write as if I was talking in person or do I use a more formal essay type voice. One last thing I struggle with is whether or not I say everything that’s on my mind or do I write a more censored version of it. I want people to be able to smile or laugh at what I write, but sometimes I’m not always in good spot to write posts like that, which makes it tough to write. It’s a real struggle. I can make my writing a highlight reel of the good and funny stuff that happens to me or just a bit of everything, good and bad.

Getting past my little rant, there’s been a lot of new music that has dropped recently. I’ve mainly been listening to the new Metro Boomin’ album and Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 2. Then there’s always other songs that I rediscover because I haven’t listened to them in a while. At work there’s always Christmas music playing which I don’t mind actually. It’s kinda strange to hear it so early into November, because to me it doesn’t really feel like it’s Christmas time yet. Talking about work, it has been pretty good. It’s not too ridiculously busy, but it’s not too slow either. Which is just about what I expect it to be like during the winter months. Overall I give work right now a 6/10. Also, one of my friends is working with me now, which is pretty dope, I never thought I’d have one of my friends working with me full-time. 

Since Thanksgiving is finally next week, we’re having Friendsgiving for me and my friends the wednesday before. I’m looking forward to that. It’s not that often where all six of us are able to get together at one time. I’m still bringing the mac ’n cheese which means I should probably start looking at tutorials and recipes for that. If anything, I’ll probably use Matty Matheson’s recipe, I’ve watched a lot of his videos on youtube and they’re always fun to watch. He’s a Canadian chef with his own restaurant, but he’s not a chef like Gordon Ramsey, he’s waaaaay more laid back. It’d be pretty cool to meet the guy. Plus his new cookbook just released, so this gives me an excuse to go out and buy it. Digressing from all this talk about Matty and macaroni, my friends and me have also decided to dress up nice for the occasion. It will be a special night. All of my friends have a date to the dinner, which is pretty cool to see. That leaves me as the only single guy, but that’s cool too. I’m looking forward to hosting our cute little dinner. While were there we will also pick names for our first ever gift exchange.

Buying gifts for others is something I really enjoy. It’s fun being able to go out and buy or make a gift that will surprise the person getting it. I love seeing people’s face light up at the sight of receiving an unexpected gift. It’s something that brings a little bit of color to my life. I’ve already started working on my list of people who are going to be receiving gifts from me. 

Now focusing more on stuff that’s happened to me recently, I hadn’t gone to Dutch in a while and on Monday, my friends and me decided to pull up for some drinks. We walked up to the window as usual and I’m always left as the one to talk to the worker, and this time I was met by a cutie. Like wow, I thought she was soooo cute, I started stuttering and slipping on my words which isn’t really like me since for work I talk to strangers all the time like it’s nothing. So I do my thing, give her my order and everything, then we got to some small talk which is pretty normal since Dutch workers are always outgoing in conversing and all that. In my mind I’m having the time of life, but on the outside I try to keep it cool and get her talking. Thankfully, it took them a little longer than usual to make our drinks so I got to talk to her for a little longer than I normally would have, but that was it. After that, I tweeted that I’d let her ruin my life, which to me is pretty funny. One of my homies told me that he was watching me do my thing which I thought was pretty funny, I just told him she was cute as fuck and he understood but he also asked why I didn’t get her phone number. Despite that, we went back to my homies house with our drinks to finish up our dinner. The time comes when everyone has to go except me and the homie Gusto since it’s his casa. I’m still talking about the girl because she really made my night so he suggests going back for her number. I refuse instantly lol. It’s not like me to go out of my way for something like that. He insists and since his sister is there and she wants dutch, it gives us a reason to go back. So I say fuck it let’s go get that number. I gotta say, I was trippin’ on the way to Dutch my hands were sweaty I really nervous. Gusto looks at me and tells me to chill out, that if it doesn’t work out then it’s, “Thank you, next”. We pull up to Dutch, get back in line and tell her that I’m back. She takes my order again and get back to talking. I find out that her name is Delaney and that she is a sophomore in college studying for elementary education. I’m thinking, “Yo this girl is so cute and she’s in college and she’s got a job”. Right before she hands me the drinks I ordered, I decide to ask for her number. At that point I felt like a ton of bricks had been taken off my chest. She says, “sure”, it makes me laugh now that I look back at it, and she begins to write it down on a stamp card. Then, surprise, here comes one of the other workers to cock-block my ass. He hands her a drink to make and has to set aside my card. I tell her I’ll wait to the side since she had a long line. But she got busy and I couldn’t wait too long since the drinks I ordered were hot. I leave without a phone number, which isn’t all that bad since not even 15 minutes ago I wasn’t even planning on asking for it. Like Gusto said, “Thank you, next”. Overall, it was fun, and I’d definitely go back just to talk to her again even if I don’t get her number. 

Thank you guys for reading! I think weekly posts are a better goal for me, instead of wanting to write more than once per week. I’ll shoot for weekly posts for ya’ll. Once again you guys, thank you for reading! 

-Jonathan :) 

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