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COVID is here and it’s looking to stay for a while. Since November of last year, there were initial reports being made on it. Here in the US it wasn’t being taken seriously until it started knocking on our doors. There was more than enough time to prepare for it but it was treated as a joke a maids tale from far away. A month ago was when the first steps towards flattening the curve were taken. New York and California were the first to states to place major cities on lockdown and they’ve set the bar for what kinds of measures need to be taken. I think that for the most part they’re okay but they can’t last forever.

Right now the effects of only essential businesses being allowed to function are seriously hurting the American people. Take a look at the unemployment numbers, over six million new cases as of last week. If you compare that with the way that the stock market looks right now, you wouldn’t even think that that’s the case. That we aren’t in a recession or even worse a depression. For example, Lyft rebounded from $23 to $30 a few days ago. That hurt my wallet because I was hoping for it to go down, as it should have been. Last week the market was climbing and you could even say going back to normal. What people don’t see is that right now the ones in charge are printing money out the ass to keep the market from drowning. One would think that with number of deaths to COVID in the US passing Italy the market would be crashing, but it’s not. It should mean death to our jobs and finances and should really be pushing us into an enormous pit but we’re not there yet. We have Donnie keeping his buddy’s and his own pockets full. If you think that the 1% care about you or me or anyone but themselves you are wrong. They’re pumping the market to get out rich. Stimulus bills can only help so much and there can only be so many of them. This just goes to show how insignificant our voices are as peoples unto the government.

With insufficient testing and no real weapons to fight the virus we are fighting a losing battle. Going off of what I said before, businesses are bleeding. Lots of local restaurants and businesses have had to close, people have lost their jobs, their income, their safety. There is no one on the planet that hasn’t been affected by it. I want to say that we need to get businesses back up and running with measures in place that adhere to what we’ve been doing to social distance ourselves but I’m not sure that’s possible. Everyone’s bleeding. 

About me, well I haven’t been up to date with writing and posting blogs but I want to. There’s lots of drafts in my notes that won’t see the light of day but I’ve been wanting to make update. So here we are. 

The last time I made a blog was at the beginning of the year. It has been a lot longer than I thought. The beginning of the year was going well. In January I started going to a new boba spot. The boba’s great. One of the cashiers was super cute and I got to talk to her for a lil bit but that didn’t last long. February was bland. There’s not much I remember about it. I did go out with one of my friends from high school that I hadn’t seen in a while. He’s a genuine dude and can proudly say that I hold him dear. He actually convinced me to text this girl I’d been thinking about. I did but it turned to nothing. 

March was when news of the virus were finally getting serious. There had been reports of cases in New York and California and it was quickly spreading. Measures were finally being put in place. I was supposed to go on a trip with the homies a week before my birthday, that got cancelled. It was unfortunate and I was really looking forward to it. It didn’t matter, no one was doing anything that month. March was when finally a lot of restaurants got shut down to carry out only and only essential businesses could remain open. My birthday wasn’t special. Something small at home but nothing else. I wasn’t expecting anything and that’s okay. I went on spring break that month and never went back to school. 

Now school is online and it’s a hot pile of garbage. I was doing my best to manage while I was going but now that it’s online it got me feeling like it’s not even there. Having to do physics labs online is so bad. The professor was already doing a terrible job with the course and now that it’s online it’s much easier for her to fuck it up. I have to do it though. I’m starting to think that it’s not even worth it. But I have to be the first one. It’s on me. 

Right now, luckily, the family business hasn’t needed to close. I’m still working everyday, while being safe, of course. It’s funny that we’re still doing well but it can only last for so long. If the day comes that we HAVE to close then that’s when we will seriously be in trouble but I don’t think that will happen. Money makes the world go round and to have it, you have to spend it. 

I’ve been dong a lot of reading and trying to keep myself busy during “quarantine”. It’s the perfect time to pick up new hobbies if you don’t have any already. Right now I’m reading Churchill’s History of the English-Speaking Peoples I don’t read non-fiction books too often but I love history. I’ve also been trying to listen to more music and explore different genres but sometimes I’d rather be listening to a podcast than music. It’s been a little lonely during quarantine. The same routine everyday is draining and it probably won’t change until the world gets back to “normal”. There’s not much to do right now but to keep a positive mental attitude.

Thank you for reading. Love you.

-JL :)

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