I hope all of you have had an excellent Thanksgiving. It really is something magical where on one day family and friends can rejoice in each other and display gratitude towards one another. My thanksgiving this year was okay, I spent the day with family and had some delicious food. 

Before I reveal the details of this last week, want to quickly say thanks to you for taking your time to read my writing, you truly are awesome. I appreciate the sentiment A LOT! 

Now let me recap my thanksgiving week now that I am slowly having to come back from this very much needed time off of school. 

Apart from not having to attend school this week, this week was okay. I still had to go to work which didn’t really make this week feel like a “break”. Work when it’s busy or steady goes by fast, but when it’s slow, the day seems eternal. To keep myself busy at work when it’s slow, I read. I found my long lost love for reading again after a long hiatus. I remember that last year and the year before, books and I were inseparable so I’m trying to renew that relationship. This week I finished Misery by Stephen King. It’s a fantastic book. This is the first piece of writing that I’ve read by Stephen King and he’s made a good impression on me so far. I know that he’s a renown author with many accreditations but this was my first taste of what he has to offer. If you like horror or scary movies even, I definitely recommend Misery or other works by Mr. King, I’ll even let you borrow my copy of Misery, if you’re local, just send me a DM.  While reading Misery, I found a quote by Montaigne, a French philosopher, that really stood out to me. It said, “Writing does not cause misery, it is born of misery”. Reading that made me think a lot about why I write. I write because it is an escape for me from the outside world. My writing, like Montaigne says, is born out of my misery and my troubles. I tend to want to write more when I’m feeling down. It gets tough sometimes and that only turns on the mechanisms in my head that produce my writing. I can’t share my misery aloud so I write. I thought that the quote was worth sharing because I am certain that there are others who might feel the same way. Moving on, right now, next on my reading list is The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. I haven’t read any books from him, but after Mr. Celaya from Sophomore and Junior year of high school english, shared that Ernest Hemingway was his favorite author, I’ve always kept it in mind when I’m searching for new books to read. 

Focusing more on actual thanksgiving festivities, my friends and I had our little Friendsgiving on Wednesday. On my last post I talked about making mac n cheese and thankfully it didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster. I was able to make it without burning myself or setting my kitchen on fire. The dish actually turned out to be pretty good, which kinda surprised me. It was a hit at the dinner, all my friends were very happy with the macaroni. I’m not an amazing cook by any means, but I do my best.  For example, I can make a banging mac n cheese but not french toast, one of the easiest breakfast foods,  which is kinda lame because I love breakfast. Gusto, Oscar, Gio and his girl, and Ivan and his girl were there. The dinner wasn’t a big thing with lots of people present, but we were all able to enjoy each other’s company. We also got to pick who’s getting each other gifts for our gift exchange. I won’t reveal who I got, but I’m already thinking about what to get them. 

The next day, Thanksgiving Day I got to sleep in and not worry about going to work which was spectacular. I had cereal for breakfast which is probably one of my top five favorite foods ever. I didn’t do much that day while waiting for the food to be ready and for relatives to come over. I mainly bummed around and played Spiderman. My aunt and uncle and their family came over to eat and we had a nice meal. With some really good cheesecake that my mom makes for dessert. I really have to ask her for that recipe. The meal with my family went well, we all had a good time with each other as we ate. For my family it’s not always that often that we can all sit down and enjoy a meal together. After dinner was over and later in the night, my mom wanted to go out and do a little shopping so we all got ready to go out to the mall. I didn’t do much shopping for myself I mainly focused on getting gifts for the ones I care most about. I got one of my younger brother’s a game for his xbox and the other some AirMax 97s. My mom also got an overdue Birthday present from me. I have no idea what it was that I bought, to be honest, but it was something that she’s been wanting para sus manualidades. 

Today, that I’m posting this, is my sister’s birthday and I spent most of Friday looking for a James Charles Palette to give to her as a gift. I’ve heard of James before on twitter and I know he does make up videos on youtube, but I didn’t think that his palette was going to be so hard to find. I was thinking that I was going to have to get here something else when I went to the Ulta near my house and the nice lady there told me that they were out of stock at every store in the area and online. Somehow though, I got lucky yesterday. I checked back on their website and to my surprise it was restocked and I was able to snatch her one. 

This has been a good Thanksgiving, maybe not the best but also not the worst. I haven’t been at my best lately which contributes to the dismissal of stuff to be excited about. But here’s to a good December. For December I want to go see snow, I haven’t seen snow in a while. Whether I go up north with my family or I take a plane to Colorado, I’m seeing snow this year. Another thing is seeing Christmas lights. There’s something about seeing lights that fills me with joy. It really makes me smile and glisten. I hope that you reading this, also have a fantastic and beautiful December filled with joy. 

-Jonathan :) 

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