Birth Month pt.2

The second half of March was a daze. 

The day before I officially got out for spring break I sold my car. It happened fast. I got a message from some guy named Mario who was interested and wanted to check out my beater. Before I knew it I had $2000 in my pocket. I was without a car and it served to humble me a little bit. I was removed from what it felt like to bum rides and ask to borrow a car. Getting to experience that again was different. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m too high and mighty to ask for rides, but it was something I hadn’t done in a while; not having to worry about filling up the tank for a week was nice though. 

The Friday before spring break ended, my parents whisked me away with them to a car dealership. They thought it was time for me to start building some more concrete credit history. The whole ordeal took five hours of back and forth between the car salesman and the other salesman, my dad. It was a battle, but I got my car. She’s almost too nice for me. But it feels good to not have to worry about the small inconveniences from my old car. I walked out of there with a new car and two new bills. Thanks mom and dad. 

Sunday right after that, was my birthday. Nineteen years old never felt so ancient. I don’t have any wisdom or things I wish I could’ve done differently between this year and last. There is only now. I had a small party with friends and family, nothing big. For me it’s more about just being there with people I love. I did miss my grandma not being present. She’s usually always here for my birthday but this year, the planets didn’t line up for it to happen. It’s fine. Birthday wishes and happy texts seem to disappear with every year. But I also don’t have anyone near for me to hear that from. Pretty nonchalant birthday overall.

The final week of March was uneventful. Other than reuniting with my school crush, it was meh. She was the pop of color to the monotone I saw that week. She told me about her week and what she did, it was music. I’m not going to go on a fat tangent of her, because I think it’s a little weird, but she’s rad. 

I didn’t have as much to share this time but that’s okay. Other than being burnt out by work and my responsibilities, March was a good month. I got a new car. Made it another year. And I pretty much survived my second semester of college. I’m happy for myself.  Thank you guys for reading as always. Much love. 

-Jonathan :) 

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