Birth Month pt.1

I love that it’s getting warmer outside. I enjoy the winter months and the cold. But the welcoming embrace of the warmth that comes with the Spring makes me feel a little less lonely. 

Since the last time I wrote, life’s been okay. The second half of February was not as good as I would’ve liked it to be, but I can’t complain. I enjoyed the rain that came with the departure of winter, it was a satisfying final kiss goodbye to the colder temperatures. 

We’re about halfway through March, so let me recap as to how the first couple weeks have been. Since it’s been about a month since I last wrote. It really feels like an eternity. March so far has been great. It’s been a pretty slow start though. I’ve been working a lot more than I’d like, which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for myself. But I’m not a slave to my job.

The last time I wrote, I talked about the art museum and going again pretty soon. Well, I actually got to go with my school crush. The idea or thought of us going hadn’t really crossed my mind but after telling her so much about it and spending a couple Monday’s asking if she’d finally gone to see it, I pushed myself to ask her if she wanted to go together. She did. She said yes and on the outside I was cool but on the inside I was ecstatic. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning who got exactly what they wished for. It was a sweet emotion that I hadn’t felt in a while. I was happy. We scheduled for a Thursday. That didn’t work out. We moved it to Monday. That didn’t work out either. Finally, after what felt like an eternity and the planets aligning,  the date was set. 

After being used to seeing her super early in the morning. It was refreshing to see her outside of class. I almost didn’t recognize her without her workout clothes on. But she was still gorgeous as ever. I felt special about seeing her with earrings on and something other than Nikes on her feet. I was blown away by her glow. Spending one on one time with her away from a classroom setting was delightful. I did my best to not be nervous, but I still got that tingly feeling in my stomach. Whenever she laughed however, I felt it all go away. Showing her around the museum was a lot better than walking around alone; like the first time I went. I got to show her my favorite pieces and explain why I liked them. At times I couldn’t tell the difference between her and the work of art on the wall. I got to learn more about her. What her favorite color is. What kinds of movies she likes. Her music tastes and where she’s traveled to. It’s still not enough though. I want to know more. 

Now that I’m on Spring Break, I do miss seeing her three times a week, but I can manage. I made her a playlist with some songs that I thought she should listen to before we got out so hopefully when we return, I get to hear that she really liked it. I can’t wait to tell her about how I sold my car and how my birthday went or what I did when I wasn’t reading our messages for the hundredth time. I also can’t wait to listen to what she did and how her week went. I have a good feeling about the second half of March. Let’s hope I’m not jinxing myself.

If you read through all this, thank you! I know I haven’t been super active, but life’s been kinda boring since I’ve been working a lot. Here you got to hear about my school crush and how she’s pretty much been my escape from gloom. All is good though, see you guys next time. Hope y’all have had a good start to Spring! 

-Jonathan :)


I read this through after I finished it and it really turned into something other than a recap. It was more about her than me. I think that’s okay though, spending time with her has really been the like the only interesting thing that has happened so far in March. 

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